Sex is awesome if that’s what you’re into, but sex is also risky. There’s the risk of unwanted pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases. Contraception Birth Control The only way to be completely safes to have no sex, but that method isn’t really for everyone, is it? Do not have sex, or you will get Chlamydia, and you will die. So let’s talk about how to keep it as safe as possible while enjoying ourselves.

In the UK, Contraception Birth Control is free, which is pretty impressive, I think. There are lots of different methods out there, so I’m going to try and go through them as fast as possible. Firstly, there are only three types of contraception that will protect you from STIs.

Two types of condom: internal and external, and dental dams. External condoms are the ones that go on your penis. They are 98% efficient when used correctly. Do not double bag them. If you’re going to use lube, use a water-based lube. Internal condoms, or female condoms, go inside of the vagina. The inner ring goes inside, and the outer ring stays on the outside.

They are 95% effective when used correctly, and you can put them in hours before having sex. Dental dams are the material of condoms but in a square. STIs can be transmitted orally, so it’s used as a barrier between mouth/vagina or mouth and anus. For all of these things, you use them every time that you have sex, and they are one use only. Also, check the expiry date. The rest of the methods I’m going to talk about will only protect you from pregnancy, so if you want to be protected from STIs, you got to use one of the three I just mentioned.

Contraception Birth Control WITH DIAPHRAGM, OR THE CAP.
It covers the cervix and should be used with spermicidal to kill all of the sperm that is trying to get up. The first time you use one, it should be fitted by a doctor to check the size, but after that, you can do it yourself. It is 92-96% effective, and you have to leave it in for six hours after sex.

Contraception Birth Control WITH THE PILL

The pill! There is the combined pill and the progestin-only pill. The combined pill contains the hormones estrogen and progesterone. You take it for 21 days, and then you have a 7-day break where you have a withdrawal bleed. It is 99% effective if used correctly. Progestin-only pill you take continuously with no breaks. It can create irregular periods or stop them completely.

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Contraception Birth Control VAGINAL RING
Other hormonal methods! Vaginal ring. It is a soft plastic ring that goes inside of the vagina and contains the same hormones as the combined pill. You leave it in for 21 days and take a 7-day break.99% efficient. The patch also has the same hormones as the combined pill. You keep it on for a week, and then take it off and change for three weeks, and then you take a week break. The implant is a small plastic rod that gets put into your arm by your doctor or nurse. It’s progestin-only and lasts three years.


Contraception Birth Control WITH THE INJECTION
The injection, which gets put in your butt and is progestin-only, lasts 8-12 weeks. The IUS is a T-shaped device that gets put inside of the womb, has progestin only, and lasts five years. The IUD is similar, but it’s copper and contains no hormones, and it can last 5-10 years.

If you forget to use contraception or your chosen method fails you, there is always the emergency contraceptive. A little pill prevents pregnancy after you’ve had sex, but is more effective the sooner you take it. Everyone is different, and different methods will work for them, so it’s best to go and talk to a professional about your options.

The age of consent in the UK is 16, but you can get access to contraception before that. Sometimes it can feel like everyone around you is having sex except for you. The important thing is not to feel pressured and just to do things in your own time. It is important to know that you’re ready to have sex, mentally and emotionally. And also just you’re prepared; you’ve got the contraception that you need. As well as sorting out contraception, another thing that you need to do to prepare for having sex is to talk to your partner about it. Make sure that you’re both ready and that you can communicate how you’re feeling and what you want.
Most of the contraceptive devices out there are mainly for the use of people with vaginas, but penis-owners also need to play a role in the discussion about contraception because both people have sex need to be clued-in on what’s happening and what they’re comfortable with. Also, you can catch STIs no matter your genitals. Guys, if you’re in a relationship with a woman, it shows that you care and respect your partner if you take an active role in helping and support in their decisions about Contraception Birth Control.

Safe sex is also about having consensual sex. Consent is a voluntary and enthusiastic “yes.”It can be communicated verbally or non-verbally. The non-verbal communication can be a bit confusing, so if you’re unsure, just stop and ask. You can consent to some things and not others. Consent can always be revoked if you change your mind, and you should get consent every time. Just because you’ve done something before doesn’t mean that you have permission to do it again. That was a lot of information at once.


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